History of the Project
The Beginning Vision

There are several concordances available to the student of the Bible written in the Hebrew language. Abraham Even Shoshan's New Concordance, קונקורדנציה חדשה, published in 1992 by Kiryat Sefer is a very useful concordance for Tanach or the Old Testament.

Although there have been concordances compiled for the New Testament in Hebrew, none was found to allow students an easy access to the underlying Greek text. For this reason in 1997 MKL Resources began to compile a four volume reference library that provides an easy access to the Greek text by those who read the New Testament in Hebrew.

Selection of Resources

The selected texts:

Hebrew Old Testament:

Masoretic Hebrew

Greek New Testament:

Scrivener's Received Text or Textus Receptus
Trinitarian Bible Society, Tyndale House, Dorset Road
London, SW19 3NN, England

Hebrew New Testament Translation:

Franz Delitzsch, 2010 Revision

MKL Resources, LLC

English Bible:

King James Version


The Peninum Font developed for MKL Resources by Monotype, UK
The BWGRKL font used by permission, BibleWorks, LLC

Electronic Greek Text:

Dr. Kirk D. DiVietro, Grace Baptist Church
Copyright 1994, used by permission

BibleWorks Electronic Database

Online Bible Foundation

Online Study Tool Development & Web Design:

Four Center Green, Suite 400
Carmel, IN 46032

The Printing

Four Volume Collection

Strong's Concordance in Hebrew

New Testament Bible in Hebrew

New Testament Interlinear Bible

Greek Roots & Branches

All four volumes published by:
Maury Boyd & Associates, Inc.

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