• Guided Study Topics
We hope the tools offered on this site will allow you dive deeper into Scripture, providing easy access to the original languages and a wealth of other reference material. The Guided Study Topics below are intended to give you an introduction on how to use the tools and to suggest a good study process, showing how all the tools can work together.

About the Study Tools

  • The Concordance
    Enter a Hebrew or English word here, and view a list of passages from Genesis to Revelation. Use the filter system to narrow your search.
  • The Interlinear Tool
    Enter a passage to view the words within their context.
  • Greek Roots
    Enter a word or number and scroll through the entire word family.

How to Benefit From the Guided Studies

Each Study Guide will begin with a study topic based on example verses. We will then step through each tool and show you how to take full advantage of all the features. If you work through the examples, you will become familiar with the tools and gain the confidence to launch out on study topics of your own.
Current Topics
  • 1
  • A Study Example: Faith
  • 2
  • A Study Example: Repentance
  • 3
  • A Study Example: Baptism
  • 4
  • A Study Example: Laying on of Hands
  • 5
  • A Study Example: Resurrection of the Dead
  • 6
  • A Study Example: Eternal Judgement